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Florida Robotics offers unique robots, individually crafted and built to order.  Many of these are fully mobile with adjustable, digital voice effects that allow for spontaneous interaction with curious onlookers. Some models include LCD displays, cameras, CD & MP3 players, scrolling message displays, two way audio, autonomous tracking systems and more. They can be outfitted with your company name and logo in color, and holders made of clear poly-carbonate attach easily for brochure hand outs. Options include baseball hats, tee shirts, and other promotional items. Like-new machines may be available, complete with a limited warranty and optional service plan. For a list of available models, contact our office. For rentals, talented performer-operators are provided by Florida Robotics. All of our Robots are high quality and reliable machines, offered at affordable prices and include an unprecedented one year limited warranty. I tell you, when you see the reaction on guests faces as they interact with one of our robots, you will probably have one at every event!


"Courtesy of South Carolina State Museum"
Now available for sale, lease or rent,
it's Florida Robotics' latest and most popular creation....
"R.O.G.E.R. "Remote Operated Geological Exploration Rover".

Please call Florida Robotics for rental prices, sales, custom robots, additional options and availability.

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