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      OUR ROBOTS are available for either rental or purchase and sometimes both, depending on the model. We also design custom robotics and can assist with developing and designing a unique interactive robot that will exceed your expectations. Examples include; our custom Robotic Serving Cart, which made its way autonomously through a Chinese restaurant serving food and then docked itself at the chef’s station for refueling and reloading. Rudy the trash can robot was designed for major attractions like Walt Disney World to both entertain and keep the space clean, and R.O.G.E.R., “Remotely Operated Geological Exploring Rover” aka our Mars robot, similar to NASA's Spirit and Opportunity Rovers currently on Mars, was designed for Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.


Contact us to discuss the many available options.

In the Bot Lab, you will be introduced to K.I.R.K., Ursula, Dot Com,

Jay Peg, Tagi 2000, Tagi Minion 2016, Dubba Dribble Droid, Professor R.O. Bots, Rupert, Woody the Dancing Christmas Tree, Hard Drive, "FoneBot" ~ "QBOT 2nd Gen "  and many more..

Our Bots have been working for clients that include Walt Disney World, Sea World, Coca Cola, Universal Studios,  Kennedy Space Center, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, NBA Orlando Magic, NFL Miami Dolphins, MLB Philadelphia Phillies, Kanye West and many more...